President Amanda Walls called the meeting to order and Larry Rankin led the invocation, pledge, and Four-Way Test.
Kim Brunson introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. Jack was a visiting Rotarian from Frankfort, Indiana. James Ring was a guest of Don Selvage. Bruce Abels was a guest of Kathy Abels. Emma Mutz was a guest of Bill Mutz. Anne Furr was a guest of Mike Furr.
Happy Dollars were collected by Kristen Hathcock. Lori Martini was happy about celebrating a birthday on Wednesday. Mark Creech was excited about having had his three boys home for Christmas and all four of his grandchildren. Irma Cole was happy about going to Honduras. Linda Wiggs was excited about having a great holiday with the kids home. Bill Mutz was happy about the birth of his 31st grandchild. Tammi Crotteau was happy about finding homes for all the stray cats.
President Amanda began announcements by recognizing Steve Moore as Rotarian for the month of January. He’s been in Rotary for 43 years, is a 9 time Paul Harris Fellow, and is a past club President. He’s always doing something behind the scenes for the Club and we are grateful for him and his service.  The Honduras trip is coming up and our members can assist with instruments and school supplies. Larry Rankin endorsed the importance of musical instruments. President Amanda also mentioned that they we are collecting donations at the next two Rotary meetings for the Honduras Trip. There is a Board of Directors election this next week – please submit your name if you are interested.
Jim Russell gave a Salvation Army Bell Ringing recap. He thanked everyone who participated. The club collected $16,016.80. He recognized three club members who did five or more shifts: Lori Martini, Steve Moore, and Melody Rider. Also, Linda Roddenbery won the Larry Durrence award for the most shifts, with eight. Julie Townsend won the overcoming elements award for standing in the cold for a shift! Thanks, everyone!
Stacy Campbell-Domineck introduced the program. Shawn Sherrouse is the Lakeland City Manager. He discussed the city initiative starting soon around Munn Park. He first discussed the history of Munn Park – first as a baseball field in 1885, then it was four different train depots, a city hall pavilion, and then in the ’60s the fountain was constructed in the center. He addressed the homeless issue and noted that they need help and services, but maybe not on Lakeland’s “front lawn.” He also mentioned the things that have been done already to improve Munn Park, including tree lights and cross-street lighting. One conceptual idea that’s been floated around is a grassy center with different activities along the edges and in the corners of the park. For additional details, there will be a consultant leading public input sessions on January 10th from 5-7 PM and on January 12th from 3-5 PM.
President Amanda closed with her word of the week: sinecure (n) which means a position requiring little or no work but giving the holder status or financial benefit.
Next week’s program will be a Rotary Family Legacies program where members will share their stories.