Past President Nate Dunham called the meeting to order and Joe Xanthopoulos led the invocation, pledge, and Four-Way Test.
Tammi Crotteau introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. Jim McClelland (Indianapolis), David Bielby (Sarasota), David Melly (Waterville, OH), and Paul Erwin (Waynesville, NC) were our visiting Rotarians. Melissa Inella was a guest of Kim Brunson. Jack Jefferies was a guest of Jason Wyatt. Dawn Lyons was a guest of Mike Loudon. Mark Kasten and Sharan Head were a guest of Steph Colon. Ken Berman was a guest of Gwen Allen. William Wynn was a guest of Rick Maxey.
Happy Dollars were collected by Scott LaRonde. Pam Craven was happy about Pigfest and mentioned that the Learning Resource Center needs volunteers.. Stacy Campbell-Domineck was happy about the crowd for the meeting. Martha Lou Luce was happy about hosting families for the Peruvians and mentioned we need translators and drivers. Gwen Allen was happy to have participated in the Know & Grow Program and is celebrating her 5-year anniversary. Gina Tullio was happy to have made this week’s meeting. Tammi Crotteau was happy her son’s senior night basketball coming up.
Mike Loudon & Kristen Hathcock led the club in the singing of “Row, Row, Row your Boat.”
Past President Nate Dunham gave an update on the last Know & Grow Event. Scott LaRonde made an announcement about the Rotary 5k and mentioned that we need volunteers. Jessica Kirby discussed the Spring Obsession event and said we need more sponsorships and donations.
Steph Colon introduced the program. Mark Kasten, President of Valley Insurance, and Sharon Headlee, Director of Personal Insurance, presented an update on insurance in the state of Florida. The homeowner's insurance market in Florida is affecting everyone at the moment. Rates are up, and coverages are restricted. The State of Florida had special sessions in May and December about our state’s insurance challenges.  7% of all insurance claims in the country are in Florida, and 87% of all litigated claims in the country are from Florida. They discussed how re-insurance (insurance for insurance companies) has never been more expensive, and these costs are getting passed on to the insured/homeowners in the form of higher premiums. Another challenge is many of the national carriers don’t want to write homeowners insurance in the state of Florida because they don’t view it as profitable. Thanks to Mark and Sharon for presenting to our club.
Past President Nate concluded the program with his dad joke of the week: “Did you hear about the guy who got hurt digging for gold? It was a “miner” injury.”
Next week’s program will be a “Pow Wow in Polk”