President Carol opened the meeting, and called on Andra Morgan to handle the invocation, pledge and Four-Way Test.
Jessica Kirby introduced our guests and visiting Rotarians.
Happy Dollars were collected by Kathy Abels.
John (JP) Paul and Tyler Davis were at the Head Table this week.
Dorsey Hightower led us in song with a rendition of “R-O-T-A-R-Y.”
President Carol announced the four Club members who would be joining the Board on July 1. We selected Kim Brunson, Lori Garrard, Gwen Allen and Michael Huff. They will take the seats of the four board members who are rolling off as their two-year terms end June 30.
Carol then brought up Amanda Walls who filled us in about our annual big event, Spring Obsession. It’s March 14 this year, and features all things gardening, art and music. There will be food handled by our own Jack Lowman too! If you’re interested in sponsoring this event, let Amanda know. There will be more than 50 vendors filling Munn Park. We also need plenty of volunteers to cover from 6am to 5pm, so block your calendar for that Saturday and we’ll get a volunteer sign-up list out to the Club.
President Carol then let us know about tours we’ve arranged at Bonnet Springs Park. She had Chuck McDanal walk us through the steps, but the short version is go to the Club web site to sign up or click here. There are 12 spots left for the tours on Feb. 13 from 2-5pm.
Sarah Breed introduced our program, which was an update on Bonnet Springs Park by one of our newest members, Heide Waldron. She is the director of development at the Park. This will be a crown jewel for Lakeland when completed and will rival parks in our biggest cities. Our Club is sponsoring two giant slides that will be on the hills surrounding the Great Lawn. Learn more about the park here.
50/50: Tammi Crotteau handled the cards and Cory Neupauer drew a queen.
Next program: A view from Florida Polytechnic from their students.