President Amanda Walls called the meeting to order. Ron Denney led the invocation, pledge, and Four-way Test.
Blair Allen assisted with the introduction of guests and visiting Rotarians. Happy Dollars were brought to us by Scott LaRonde. Mike Loudon led us in the signing of “When The Saints Go Marching In.”
Announcements began with President Amanda recognizing Gwen Allen as the Rotarian of the Month for February. Congrats Gwen. President Amanda also thanked everyone who showed up to clean Lake Wire. On March 4, our club will be volunteering at Phillip O’Brien Elementary to help build an outdoor science classroom. More details to come. Spring Obsession is coming up on March 11 and we are in need of more raffle items!
Rick Maxey introduced Scott Dudley who is the Director of Advocacy and Federal Affrairs at the Florida League of Cities. His presentation was titled “Elevating Florida’s Voices.” Also in attendance with Scott was Auburndale Mayor, Dorothea Taylor Bogert. Scott discussed his role in representing cities and the citizens that they serve. His role is not partisan and he discussed the history of “Home Rule” in Florida. One of his guiding principles is that “a community is governed best by those who live in it.” There are numerous benefits to local decision making including: competition, responsiveness, lower stakes/fewer mistakes, participation in democracy, less ideological, greater public support, and diversity & decentralization. Thank you to Scott for speaking to our club on these important issues.
Next week’s program is the “Honduras Travel Team.”
President Amanda wrapped up today’s program with the vocabulary word “chicanery” which is the use of trickery to achieve a political, financial, or legal purpose.