T. Buddy Miller welcomed members and guests as they joined the Zoom meeting.
President Joel Ivy opened the meeting. Jim Russell led the invocation, pledge, and Four-Way Test.
Trey Harden handled introduction of visiting Rotarians and guests, who were:
  • Dan Hill, guest of Josie Hill;
  • Irma Cole, guest of District Governor Mark Scolnick;
  • John Loute and Carol Hornsby, guests of Don Selvage; and
  • Doug McCall from the Rotary Club of Wallasey England.
President Joel Ivy called for Happy Dollars.  Mayor Bill Mutz was happy his grandson Milo is now home after 131 days in the NICU.
Joel Ivy announced that votes for the club’s Board of Directors have been tallied, but the process is not over.  The final candidates will be announced at our next meeting and the final election will be held in January.
Spring Obsession is on March 13, 2021. The committee is seeking sponsors. If you would like to sponsor please reach out to Matt Schichtel.
Jim Russell thanked those who have started ringing the bell for Salvation Army and those who have already signed up for upcoming shifts. There are still gaps in the schedule, please logon to Club Runner to sign up for a shift.
President Joel Ivy then introduced the speaker: Shawn Sherrouse, Lakeland City Manager.
Shawn began by explaining how the City is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. The City has implemented a remote workforce plan while maintaining an excellent level of service to the City’s customers and citizens. Some workers were and continue to be furloughed, and a hiring freeze is in place.  Workers will not receive pay increases this year, and the training and travel budget was cut. Inside City facilities, COVID-19 protocols continue to be enforced including temperature checks, social distancing, and masks.
Shawn highlighted that one of his top priorities during his first year as City Manager will be to develop a platform for engagement from the City’s customers and citizens.
Some issues on the horizon including bringing broadband services into the community, next generation energy, the development of water sources in conjunction with the Polk Regional Water Cooperative, and the diversifying the City’s revenue stream.  
Next week’s program will be our annual Holiday Celebration, with a tribute to the late and dearly missed Jon Larson.