Amanda Walls called the meeting to order. Jim Russell then led the invocation, pledge, and Four-Way Test.
Francis Hadley-Ervin introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. Linda Roddenbary was a guest of Larry Rankin. Nate Pearson was a guest of Michelle Emerson-Lewis. Ron O’Connor was a visiting Rotarian from the Lakeland South Club.
Happy Dollars were collected by Kristen Hathcock. Michelle Emerson-Lewis was happy about being able to attend the US Open in a couple of weeks. Reba Coil was happy about the amount of school supplies funds donated by our Club.  Tyler Davis was happy about the birth of his first child, a daughter, on July 30th. Dick Mason was happy about the birth of his fourth grandchild on Tuesday morning before our club’s meeting. Stacy Campbell-Domineck was happy about the support from our Club for Career Source Polk.
Dorsey Hightower then led the Club in singing “Smile, Sing a Song.”
Announcements began with Matt Schichtel discussing the Fantasy Football draft, which will take place on Tuesday, August 30th at 6 PM at Cleveland Heights Golf Club. There are a few extra spots in the second league if you would like to join. President Amanda announced this month’s Rotarians of the Month, Jason Wyatt and Lydia Boyd, because of their efforts in planning and organizing our annual Rotary Golf Tournament. Tom Conger made a special presentation to Paul Harris Fellow recipients who were not in attendance at our annual awards dinner: First Time recipient – Dr. Stephanie Bowes. Second Time Recipient – Martha Lou Luce and JP Paul. Third-time recipient – Larry Rankin. Sixth and Seventh Time Recipient – Irma Cole. Irma was awarded an additional Paul Harris Fellow by Past President Nate for her extraordinary service for the past Rotary year.
This week’s program focused on the “Rotary Foundation.” Bryce Philpot began the program by recognizing members of his committee. He then discussed where our money goes when we donate to the Foundation. The funds are invested for 3 years, then 50% goes to Rotary Foundation, 25% to a local project, then 25% to the global project. Bryce then discussed how this presentation was only going to be focused on the global project. Our club, in partnership with the Melbourne, FL Suntree Rotary Club is working to fund a global grant that will help with water quality in La Paz, Honduras. Bryce then asked Irma Cole to discuss her trip to Honduras this year as part of this program.
Irma announced this year’s Rotary Mission Trip to Honduras will be from January 21-28. We will be working with the “Honduras Compassion Project.” The founder of this organization is also the founder of the La Paz Rotary Club. The City of La Paz is extremely supportive of the work that Rotary is doing there as well as the “Honduras Compassion Project.” Irma recapped their trip, discussing some of the projects they worked on while they were there. One of the main projects will be to build a house (14ft x 18ft) which cost $3,000. They have funds in place for all the projects we are working on, except the house that will be built. We need to raise the $3,000 to build the house in need. Donations can be made through the Givewell Foundation for this project.
The other projects (Pila, Latrines, & Water Filters) are water focused. Filters cost $50, Pilas cost $200, and a Latrine Costs $300. The final project is to work for Chispa Library. The goal is to scan books, erect book displays, and paint murals, among other things. There are a few fun activities planned as well – A Rotary Banquet with the La Paz Rotary Club, a sightseeing day, etc. Lodging will be at the newly constructed Honduras Compassion Project facility, which was built for groups like us. We are projecting it will cost around $1,500 total for the trip. The maximum number of people who can go is 28. There are already 10 signed up. Until September 23, our Club can sign up. After Sept 23, it will be opened up to other Rotary Clubs & the public. You can take your kids and grandkids if you would like as well. Irma concluded by mentioning If the dates of our trip don’t work, there is another planned in February with a different club that you could join.
President Amanda closed with her word of the week: Ennui – “noun” means boredom or weariness.
Next week’s program will be our District Governor.