President Nate Dunham called the meeting to order. Ron Denney then led the invocation, pledge, and Four-Way Test.
Stacy Campbell-Domineck introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. Troy Groves was a guest of Rick Maxey, Nate Kendrick and Mike Mitchell were guests of Scott Reed, and Paige Messenall was a guest of Marsha Leap. Jack Nussbaum was a visiting Rotarian from Frankfurt, Indiana.
Happy Dollars were collected by Par Sahota and there were many happy people. Linda Cesar was happy to have passed her project management test. Stephanie Colon was happy to be social chair and Michelle Ledford was happy about the club’s recent Bourbon tasting social event. Amanda Walls and Irma Cole were happy to have attended Rotary’s District Training with many other Lakeland Rotary Club members. Carol Catanzarite was happy about her wedding anniversary and Janice Tedder Jones was happy about her birthday. Tammi Crotteau was happy about Magnolia Montessori’s golf event and ribbon cutting. Visiting Rotarian Jack Nussbaum was happy to have been able to visit The Lakeland Rotary Club and reminded everyone that “it takes a real man to be a weenie.”  Linda Bagley Wiggs was happy about involvement in local politics. Ryan McKellen was happy to be back in the warmth of our club after a difficult time. Jack Lowman was happy about the anniversary of dedicating the clock and told everyone how much he would miss The Lakeland Rotary Club.
President Nate then announced that The Lakeland Rotary Club will be able to donate $6,700 to the Ukraine Relief Fund, thanks to a donation challenge started by Deane Hart. Matt Brown reminded members about the upcoming service opportunity with Kids Pack on Friday and Melody Rider made announcements about Saturday’s Spring Obsession.
Our guest speaker, Hans Steinbrenner, President of the Lakeland Magic, was introduced by Rick Maxey.
Hans Steinbrenner spoke to our club about the G League’s purpose of developing player, referees, and coaches as well as testing changes and innovations to the game. Many NBA players have G League experience and the Lakeland Magic had multiple players called up to the NBA this past season. The Lakeland Magic remain the reigning G League Champions for the next two weeks, based on their 2021 Championship win. The Lakeland Magic also participate in and support the community through various programs focused on issues such as reading literacy, homelessness, food insecurity, and youth sports development.
President Nate closed with his dad joke of the week: “Why aren’t basketball players allowed to go on vacation? Because they can’t travel.’”
Next week will be the Rotary Scholarship Program led by Rick Maxey.