Lakeland Airport
United States of America

The SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo is seeking volunteer assistance with our Auto Parking operation for our 2023 event. We are inviting individual volunteers to participate or if you are a member of an organization that might be looking for a way to raise funds, we would be glad to help you to make that happen!  We are offering a donation back to your organization for assistance in supporting our event by providing volunteer hours in our main parking areas. 

We need specific help with fee collection/ticket scanning, parking automobiles that are entering and exiting the parking lot, and directing traffic throughout the week.

For more details on operations and/or the donation being offered, please contact Laura Vaughn or Tracy Neal by responding to this email.

If you or a group you know would like to register now to help, please complete the AUTO PARKING VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION

We hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience and we appreciate the help!  Thank you!