With us last week was PDG Helene Kalfuss of Palm Springs Rotary. Helene is our District Global Grants Chair and has years of experience with the workings of the Rotary Foundation. When a donation is made to the Rotary Foundation, the funds are invested and the investment interest is what is used to fund Foundation projects around the world. The original principal is returned to the Rotary district after three years and that money comes back to local Rotary clubs as district designated funds. Those funds can then be contributed to additional Rotary projects to get even more mileage from a donation. Helene told us about international projects she has visited where Foundation money is used to provide low cost artificial limbs to people who could otherwise never afford them. Artificial arms cost as little as $50 and, although low tech, allow disabled people to function. Helene also talked about a project in India which trains the blind to work in call centers. This is one of several projects our Palms To Pines Foundation is considering helping to fund. Also last week, we learned we’re still waiting for an accounting of how the Tour de Palm Springs Beer Garden went and our Happy Dollars this month will go to the Rotary Foundation in memory of former P2P member and District 5330 Governor Ken Roberts. Jerry Kress had a 50-50 chance to pull an Ace and take home $83 but he only managed a $7 win. If we pull your ticket this week you’re an automatic winner!