Did you know one of our members used to work for former 49er great Joe Montana? Did you know another member never met her father until she was two and a half? You would have known all of this and more had you been with us last week and played our Truth or Lies game. Jim Brock won a tie breaker over new member Kamryn Hafer in our contest to identify the true statements each attendee provided. Pres.-Elect Kelli Cox filled in for MIA Pres. Margaret Claggett for the day. Also last week, Sojourner Harry Helliesen was back with us for his annual two month winter visit. Harry, from Yakima, Washington, reports he has 52 years of perfect Rotary attendance and has been making up with us at Palms To Pines for the past 22 winters. If that weren’t enough, Harry also reported that Wednesday (February 5) was his 85th birthday! Thank you for making Palms To Pines your winter home, Harry. You’re a great addition to our club! Jim Brock presented Harry with a Rotary coffee mug filled with candy to recognize his birthday and perfect attendance and then Harry pulled his own number in the great Rotary Raffle and collected $20 when he drew a Queen. When you’re HOT you’re HOT! Buy Raffle tickets this week…..only Aces and sevens are left! Finally last week, we learned about an upcoming Bowling Tournament fundraiser planning by Indio Rotary on Thursday, March 26 at Fantasy Springs. More information to come!