Last week we heard from Lisa Weaver, owner of Dickie’s Barbecue Pit in Rancho Mirage. Since the start of the pandemic, Lisa has been donating food from her restaurant and collecting food items for people in need in the East Valley. Her restaurant has served over 3,200 meals to first responders and she has held four food drives to date. She is planning another drive for Christmas and has added toys to her list of needed items. See has selected the occupants of several trailer parks in the Thermal/Mecca area and is seeking enough food and toys for 60 farm worker families. Palms To Pines will be joining this effort and we’ll have complete information at our December 2 meeting. Also last week, we welcomed Sojourner Rick Gross back to our meeting. Rick joined us from Denmark! It was great to see Rick and it’s always great to get an “on the scene” update on Coronavirus from our Sojourners. Thanks Rick!