Sojourners Roster

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Sojourners Roster
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We have many visiting Rotarians that make the desert their winter home for several weeks to six months. They are part of our family and valued active participants in our club...we miss them when they are away.


Sojourner   Home Club
William Glenn Barton   Chilliwack, BC, Canada
Bruce B. Brinkema   Milford, NH
Carl Calkins   Long Beach
Roland Catenacci   Chicago, IL
Rod Cooper   Chilliwack, BC
Jack Daniels   Wisconsin
Jim W. Eggers   Omaha Downtown
Lee Gingrich   Tacoma, WA
Rick Gross   Germany
Lloyd Gunby   Missisauga
Ernie Hawks   Mountain View
Harry Helliesen   Yakima, WA
Don Kraft   Seattle #4
Kathy Martin   Tacoma, WA
Anita Ratchinsky   St. Albert, AB, Canada
Bob Rogers   Edmonds, WA
Ray Roth   Canmore, AB, Canada
Samantha Smith   Glenview Sunrise
Peter Vacca   Mount Desert Island
Michael Wedekind   Victoria, BC, Canada
Gail Wensley   Whistler, BC, Canada