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1.  During this last year we interviewed, selected, and supported young people attending three leadership camps.  Seven high youth attended two of our camps.  Four of our middle school kids went to leadership camp.

2. We provided “Kits for Kids” a back to school support for some of our area’s neediest schools.

3.  In partnership with Fuller Housing, we helped seniors with home maintenance labor and materials during a Rotary Work Day.

4.  During the holidays we gathered food for Thanksgiving to area families and gifts for the ABC Recovery program.  We also took shifts ringing the bells for the Salvation Army Christmas collection

5.  To promote fire safety we worked with the Palm Desert Historical Society and our local Fire Departments to teach third graders about how to be safe in a fire.

6.  We collected money to purchase swim suits to aid the YMCA and the Palm Desert Aquatic Center in their teaching of swimming lessons for second graders.

7.  Our club was generous in promoting scholarship monies for deserving students through club and individual gifts, as well as matching foundation giving.  Benefactors were the YMCA, CSUSB Palm Desert, and COD.

8.  We supported two groups in their community service work, Palm Canyon Theater for the hearing impaired and SOS Ride Share for soldiers returning between airport and base.

9.  To date we have participated in two international projects:  Boy and Girl Scout Development in Zihuatanejo, Mexico (in partnership with Rotary and Sister Cities) and a recycling plant in Goiciere, Brazil (with four Rotary Districts).

10.  In partnership with other valley Rotarians we participated in a “Math Day” competition for elementary school students.

11.  Our club has made a nice effort to uphold foundational giving to Rotary work at large and also to the eradication of Polio.

12.  We make an effort to encourage fellowship gatherings for club family and friends at least once a quarter.  Examples are the PNB Parabas Tennis Tournament evening, Happy Hour socials, field trip experiences, holiday breakfast, and dinner dance options.