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Ken Roberts was a past president and member of the Palm Desert noon club when Art Brook, our District Governor at the time appointed him to form a Palm Desert morning club. During Ken's membership in the noon club he also helped form the Rancho Mirage and Indian Wells Rotary clubs. 

Ken asked John Marzicola, who had been a member of the noon club since 1973, to help him form the nucleus of the new club. Ken single-handedly rounded up most of the additional twenty-one members, and the club was officially chartered in May 1984. Organizational meetings were held at the Marriott Hotel (now Rancho Las Palmas Resort) in Rancho Mirage, and the charter night meeting was held on June 27, 1984, at the Ironwood Country Club. Art Brook was the guest speaker, and four additional members were inducted that evening bringing the original membership of the club to twenty-seven. 

The first club meeting was held at "Cleeves 2," a restaurant in Palm Desert, and Chuck Soper, a Past District Governor, provided the club's welcome song. Shortly after that first meeting, the location was changed to "Mort's Deli" in the Palms to Pines shopping center. Mort was a club member. 

The first club president was Walt Havekorst and the president elect was Joe Iantorno. Ken Roberts went on to become the district governor during the Rotary year 1992 - 1993. John Marzicola and Jeff Patterson, another charter member, are still active with Palms to Pines Palm Desert Rotary Club.