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 Who Are the Rotary Members?  
Our club is made up many professions and backgrounds.  We are business owners, city employees, teachers, politicians, professional people, and retirees.  We might be seasonal visitors from another club or just someone curious about what Rotary does in the community.  We range in ages and experience.  We have a board spectrum of interests and seek ways to deepen community values and opportunities to serve others around us.  
How is Palms to Pines Rotary different from other local Rotary Clubs?
Clubs vary by size, focus, and areas of interest.  The vision and personality of leadership can be similar or different.  What members like to take on as projects can be different from one club to another. We all have the same mission to support our community and to bridge both local and worldwide projects in the areas of:  child and maternal health, literacy and education, community and economic development, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, and conflict resolution and prevention.  We often partner together across communities and countries boundaries.  
What is expected of a new member?  
The central qualification is a heart for service.  There are weekly meetings that should fit into your schedule most of the time.  Fellowship and friendship in the network is a bonus in a group that seeks to make a difference in the community. Taking part in our projects or bringing our attention into one of your own interests could very well be a benefit of the members expectations partnering together.  Beyond that, there are some financial expectations of yearly dues that support club operations and Rotary International. There is a one-time admission fee to cover membership materials and the “Rotarian” magazine.  We do encourage giving to local and needy causes that could use some help.  A couple of hundred dollars in individual contributions will be encouraged. 
How does one get started?  
We’ll be glad to invite you to breakfast so you can see and taste what our club is like in a meeting.  You may come on your own or come with a friend whose also curious or interested in checking out some community connections.  Expressing your  interest will also help us introduce you to people who are familiar with your focus and aid your connecting into the community.  
How do I get more information?  
Our website www.P2PRotary.org, The Palms To Pines Weekly, from a meeting attended or requested by e-mail p2protary@gmail.com, or just speaking with our members and asking some specific questions.  Our 2016-2017 membership chair is Kim Hardee, 760-250-8181.