Speaker Date Topic
Dr. Doug Jackson Mar 04, 2021
He is the Founder/CEO of Project CURE
Kelsey Lyons Mar 11, 2021
Club Biz Day Mar 18, 2021
Gitanjali Rao Mar 18, 2021
Time's Kid of the Year
Steve Miller Mar 25, 2021
RCHR Foundation update
Joel Bacon Apr 01, 2021

Joel will talk about how they film & document congress in session.


Cherity Koepke Apr 08, 2021
Opera Colorado!

Sue is point person

Club Biz Day Apr 15, 2021
DARK! Apr 30, 2021
Tom Harris May 13, 2021
Douglas County Fair

The Douglas County Fair & Rodeo is the largest event in the County. Over 42,000 people attended the 4 day event in 2019. The rodeo royalty will talk about  the activities at the fair, rodeos, concerts, carnival, crafts, 4-H projects, and livestock auctions. After hearing this presentation, you'll surely want to attend this summer!

Tom Harris is our contact.  He'll provide speaker info.  Sue

Club Biz Day May 20, 2021
Club Biz Day Jun 17, 2021
Club Biz Day Jul 15, 2021
Club Biz Day Aug 19, 2021