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The end of year picnic has been postponed until further notice.


Theresa Mundt has been working on the raffle. Tickets will be mailed to members. Drawing will be at Harvest Festival in OCT. Please return all tickets and money to Theresa. Raffle prizes are 1) Condo in Orlando provided by Wendell (Thanks!) 2) $300 cash prize 3) 4 Arrowhead golf course passes

The auction is tentatively scheduled for Fri APR 23, 2021 at Noto's. Dave Abel is the chair of the committee. Please email Dave or Dawn ideas on what project fundraised monies should go.

Watch for an email on the budget for 2020-21. Next week will be a vote on the increase in dues and approval of the budget.

Scholarships have been awarded to 2020 seniors!

Ashley Boehr- Christoff
Nolan Smith- McPherson
Ellie Stoller- Doyle
Mary Buechler- Doyle
Riley Fuller- Doyle
Judi Reagan- Hahn
Collier Kaufman- Lampkin


Grace Huizinga
Craig Anderson

Happy $s:

Alantha got married Monday!!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda celebrates 16th wedding anniversary FRI
Wendie celebrates her wedding anniv Monday
Roger's son's B-day is Sunday
Tony is thankful for all the technology that allows for AP tests and Zoom mtgs :)
Steve and his wife welcomed a new daughter, Cora, last month
The Lowell Community Center group extended the date for the survey to MAY 25. Please take a minute to answer the questions if you haven't yet.
Professor Alice Chapman
This week Dr Alice Chapman, associate professor of history at GVSU shared her experience as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. The scholar program started in 1947 as away to send young people abroad to build goodwill and better friendships after WWII. In 2013 the program was changed to the Global scholarship giving focus to Rotary's 6 areas of focus. 
Alice graduated with a PhD from Cambridge in 2006 under the scholarship program.

After that her Rotary connection has only grown! She was part of the 2014 District Conference Lowell hosted. In Feb 2019 she joined the Kentwood Club after much prodding by Chris E out of Petoskey. With her Rotary connection she has been able to give many of her students opportunities they might not have gotten. She is also working with Life leadership and is on the selection committee for scholars. 

Have a wonderful week!


Rotary Fact

from Jim White

A wheel has been the symbol of Rotary since our earliest days. The first design was made by Chicago Rotarian Montague Bear, an engraver who drew a simple wagon wheel, with a few lines to show dust and motion. The wheel was said to illustrate "Civilization and Movement." Most of the early clubs had some form of wagon wheel on their publications and letterheads. Finally, in 1922, it was decided that all Rotary clubs should adopt a single design as the exclusive emblem of Rotarians. Thus, in 1923, the present gear wheel, with 24 cogs and six spokes was adopted by the "Rotary International Association." A group of engineers advised that the geared wheel was mechanically unsound and would not work without a "keyway" in the center of the gear to attach it to a power shaft. So, in 1923 the keyway was added and the design which we now know was formally adopted as the official Rotary International emblem.


At the 1929 Rotary International Convention, it was determined that blue and gold would be the official colors of the organization, so the wheel was designed with these colors. The four blue bands within the outer radius of the gear represent our four avenues of service. And the design which we now know was formally adopted as the official Rotary International emblem.

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June 25
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Featured Breakout Schedule*

(all sessions presented in EN unless otherwise noted).

Simultaneous interpretation will be available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

Monday, 22 June

  • 8:00 - Using Virtual Tools to Engage Members
  • 12:00 - Engaging Rotary Alumni
  • 18:00 - Greening Rotary Events: Be Plastic-free, Offset Carbon, and More!

Tuesday, 23 June

  • 8:00 - Grow Rotary Through New Club Types
  • 12:00 - President-Nominee Session
  • 18:00 - How to Start and Manage RAGM Microfinance Projects/ Cómo iniciar y administrar proyectos de micro finanzas RAGM (presented in Spanish)

Wednesday, 24 June

  • 8:00 - Adopt-a-River Initiative: A Rotary & UNEP Partnership Model
  • 12:00 - Rotaract Elevated, Now What?
  • 18:00 - Disruptive Innovation in Rotary Clubs/La innovación disruptiva en los clubes rotaries (presented in Spanish)

Thursday, 25 June

  • 8:00 - How to Submit a Great Global Grant Application
  • 12:00 - President-Elect Session
  • 18:00 - Digital Trends of 2021: Using Tech to Engage Millennials

Friday, 26 June

  • 8:00 - Engage Young Families with Service and Alternative Meetings
  • 12:00 - The Rotary Brand
  • 18:00 - Personal Growth Opportunities: Rotary’s Alliance with Toastmasters

These Live Sessions will be recorded and made available for On Demand viewing

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*Schedule subject to change. Check back regularly for updates

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