Chris Goggins from Allstate has submitted his application to the Lowell Rotary Club and Evan Ormiston of Litehouse has been visiting.  We are hopeful to see an application from him soon. :-)
The 50/50 is up to $222!
Assistant District Governor and Ada/Cascade Rotarian Paul Heroman visited the Lowell Rotary Club.  He mentioned the online seminar that focused on membership and making your club irresistible.  It is important to talk about traditions but also visiting new traditions for young members.
Assistant District Governor, Paul Heroman
Rotarian Debra Wilks presented the following 2019 Lowell Rotary Scholarship Recipients as follows:
Hahn/Rotary Club of Lowell Scholarship - Grace Ostrander
Doyle Family Scholarship - Kelly Kroll
Doyle Family Scholarship - Ivan Reynolds
Doyle Family Scholarship - Abigail White
Dorothy and Cinton Christoff Scholarship - Charity Gerig
Dorothy and Clinton Christoff Scholarship - Haley Nieuwkoop
Eva and Lee Lampkin Scholarship Marlie Fowler
Donald and Ellura Frost McPherson Scholarship - Haley Sobie
The Lowell Rotary Club was presented with a two-year "twinning" agreement with Ladybrand of S. Africa.  IT WAS MOVED BY JIM WHITE and seconded by KAREN NOREEN to enter into a two-year "twinning" agreement with Ladybrand of S. Africa, benefiting both clubs. - ALL YES
Service Committee:
  • Recent Highway Cleanup, Community Cleanup - September 29th, Neighbor/Neighbor - October 20th
  • Community Center Update - CLAY - continuing to look for location 
  • Survey of Fairgrounds
Membership Committee:
  • Hosting Chamber Event
Grants Committee:
  • Six grants were received - Will go to the board and then the club
Youth Services Committee:
  • Participating in Parades and Food Fight
  • Encouraging the 4 Way Test in schools
  • Providing T-Shirts for school age children when participating in community events
May 22 - Cole W
May 29 - Patrick D
              11am Highway Pick Up Mtg
June 5 - Jim Sowle
June 12 - Chris Godbold
TBD - Poolside Chat - Dave Abel house - end of June
President - Tony Pearson
President Elect - Dawn Broene
Treasurer - Betsy Davidson
Secretary - Theresa Mundt
IPP - Dave Abel
Foundation Chair - Jim Lang
District Governor
Brian Robertson
Rotary International President
Barry Rassin
Jeff Wilterink
May 16
Brad Brillhart
June 2
Wendell Christoff
June 25
Brian Doyle
June 28
Steve Flohr
June 30
Steve Flohr
Stephanie Flohr
May 15
Jerry Miller
Betty Miller
June 17
Betty Morlock
Sam Morlock
June 14
Jim White
Bobby White
June 24
Join us at noon on Wednesdays at Lowell City Hall
District site: