Quinn a 2018 scholarship winner shared an update on her 1st year at college. She is still open to any career that comes.
Paul Lixie shared about the Lacrosse program in Lowell. A fast growing sport, there are youth teams and girls and guys teams at the High School. 
About Lacrosse: The field is 120x60 yrds. The team plays 3 positions -  defence, offence, and mid-field. The goal is to get the ball in the net as gracefully as possible.
The High School team is a club sport with varsity status. A club team doesn't receive any funding from the school. The kids pay to play ($200) and fundraise for all costs (buses, field rental, equipment).  Currently Lowell doesn't have a lacrosse field, so the team rents the field at Davenport. But with the vote in May they will be getting a field (along with soccer)! The youth program is working on getting a field at Cherry Creek. The space is there, but the focus is now on the $450,000 it will cost to accomplish. 
The program has been growing. 5 previous players have come back to the area and become coaches. 
Right now lacrosse is not a sport with a high paying pro team after college. But it does give players opportunities: boosts to social and academics, doors to colleges and scholarships. 
Come see their Pink Arrow game in September!
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