Thank you to Alec McPherson for the new badges!
2 prospective members visited with us this week: Chris Goggins with Allstate and Evan from Litehouse.
The 50/50 is up to $193...get your ticket before Jerry!!
May 7th is voting day!! If you are in Lowell School District there is a proposal on the ballot!
Golfer's you have probably been practicing for a month! So sign up for the Cedar Springs Rotary Club Golf outing July 16th.
Did you buy tickets for the cow plop up in Cedar Springs? Don't forget the event is June 15th (don't need to show to win, but maybe fun to go anyway :D)
This week Mike Burns, Lowell City Manager, gave an update on the project of funding city road maintenance and updates.
Lowell City Council is young in experience, the longest member has been there 3 years and shortest only 5 months. 
The budget of the City, $3.2 mil, is approx 50% funded by taxes, both property and personal. And about 51% of the budget is spent on personnel costs. So the City only has $180,000 from the budget each year to spend on the maintenance and updates to the roads. Add in the $120,000 from the state (gas tax - the new proposed increase would only add $22,000) and the $290,000 gives them enough to fix 1 block or intersection each year. (The City must be approved for a grant from MDOT to complete the proposed Amity (2020) and Monroe (2021) improvements.
Current condition of the roads:
9% Good
28% Fair
63% Poor
To help leverage funding to it's biggest potential the City completed a grant to evaluate the underground infrastructure (sanitary and storm sewers) and create an asset management plan. 
Currently, the majority of improvements need to happen at the street level.
Options for $$$:
1. Eliminate the biggest portion of the budget, personnel (police dept) at the cost of relying on state and county services.
2. Close library and provide no maintenance to parks and cemetery at the cost of a decrease in quality of life for residents.
3. Sell Lowell Light and Power at the cost of increased rates and decreased reliability.
4. Bond (some already in place so couldn't fully leverage)
5. City Income Tax (the best solution per Counsel), property millage would be decreased by 5, with a 1% income tax on residents and 0.5% non-residents. (Some exemptions are in place). As a 15yr initiative, it would absolve if not renewed. By 2030 with the gas tax there would be approx $1.3 mil budgeted to the roads. And the City could have 77% Good and 23% Poor. The proposal for the November ballot will be presented to City Counsel at the 05/20/19 meeting. 
President - Tony Pearson
President Elect - Dawn Broene
Treasurer - Betsy Davidson
Secretary - Theresa Mundt
IPP - Dave Abel
Foundation Chair - Jim Lang
District Governor
Brian Robertson
Rotary International President
Barry Rassin
Thank you to all for a great night!!!
We had 200 bidders attend, with 126 items up for auction. Prelim number $40,000
May 8 -  Orville Crain - Rotary membership
May 15 - General Assembly and Potluck
May 22 - Cole W
May 29 - Patrick D
              11am Highway Pick Up Mtg
Happy Birthday!
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