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5/20 Professor Alice Chapman from GVSU
5/27 Lowell YMCA


Theresa Mundt has been working on the raffle. Tickets will be mailed to members. Drawing will be at Harvest Festival in OCT. Please return all tickets and money to Theresa. Raffle prizes are 1) Condo in Orlando provided by Wendell (Thanks!) 2) $300 cash prize 3) 4 Arrowhead golf course passes

The auction is tentatively scheduled for Fri APR 23, 2021 at Noto's.

The plaque for the Library Deck is complete. Thank you to John S and Jeff W!!


Happy $s:
Dr Jim is celebrating the health of his grandson.
Christa shared about the cookie fundraiser Alpha Family Center had...they sold out of cookies in 15 minutes! They are also collecting clean returnable bottles and cans. Please rinse and bag to place in the shed behind the building.
Megan Augustine a new Lowell resident, visited us this week. She is a recent Masters in EDU grad and will be looking for a job for the fall. Her husband is working to open a jiu jistu gym in GR.
The Lowell Community Center group extended the date for the survey to MAY 25. Please take a minute to answer the questions if you haven't yet.
The club passed a couple of motions the last couple of weeks. *A grant for FROM of $2,500 was awarded to help with increase need. A thank you was received the week of May 11.
*We also passed using Lunch money up to $2,000 to provide meals to 3 hospitals. Miss P will cater. A thank you was received the week of May 11.
Caroline from the Guatemala Literacy Project shared about the program this week.
They are striving to break the cycle of poverty through education in one of the poorest and least educated countries of the world. 4/5 Guatemalans live in poverty with most having less than a 5th grade education. 40% of the population is indigenous, coming from a Mayan ancestry and still speaking Mayan as their primary language.
The Project is a collective action with Rotary (members, clubs and districts) working with Cooperation for Education
There are 3 programs that the Project works through:
1. 'Spark' (K-6) to increase reading levels. The main focus is to train teachers to help students learn to read.
2. 'Textbooks and computers' (7-9) to increase the number of kids with availability to textbooks. 90% of schools don't have access to textbooks. An initial investment of $5 a textbook ,that can be used for 5 years in the program, and then fees from the school then sustains the program.
Middle school, sustainable, community involvement, Rotary, Guatemala, service projects, literacy, south America, books, education
Many never see a computer. With the computer project the 'students receive at least 60 minutes of hands-on computer instruction per week. They learn typing and web navigation as well as the Microsoft Office Suite; develop basic programming skills with Scratch programming; and explore the outside world through Encarta.'
3.'Rise' (9-12) is a scholarship program that brings the graduation rate from 5% to 80%. Students learn job skills, profession exposure, leadership training, life skills, and community service.
drop out, graduation, academic, leadership, development, career readiness, Rotary, Guatemala, service projects, literacy, south America, books, education
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~sponsor a student ($960 annually)
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provided by Jim W

Where did the 4 Way Test Come From???

One of the most widely printed and quoted statements of business ethics in the world is the Rotary "4-Way Test." It was created by Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor in 1932 when he was asked to take charge of the Chicago based Club Aluminum Company, which was facing bankruptcy. Taylor looked for a way to save the struggling company mired in depression-caused financial difficulties. He drew up a 24-word code of ethics for all employees to follow in their business and professional lives. The 4-Way Test became the guide for sales, production, advertising and all relations with dealers and customers, and the survival of the company was credited to this simple philosophy.
Herb Taylor became president of Rotary International during 1954-55. The 4-Way Test was adopted by Rotary in 1943 and has been translated into more than 100 languages and published in thousands of ways. The message should be known and followed by all Rotarians.
"Of the things we think, say or do:
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?"

Herb Taylor was born in Pickford, Michgan.  The Sault Ste Marie, Michigan Rotary Club placed a statue of Herb in town on the main street.  It has been dubbed "Herb by the Curb". 


The first motto of Rotary International, “He Profits Most Who Serves Best," was approved at the second Rotary Convention, held in Portland, Oregon, in August 1911. The phrase was first stated by a Chicago Rotarian, Art Sheldon, who made a speech in 1910 which included the remark, "He profits most who serves his fellows best." At about the same time, Ben Collins, president of the Rotary Club of Minneapolis, Minnesota, commented that the proper way to organize a Rotary club was through the principle his club had adopted-"Service, Not Self." These two slogans, slightly modified, were formally approved to be the official mottoes of Rotary at the 1950 Convention in Detroit- "He Profits Most Who Serves Best" and "Service Above Self." The 1989 Council on Legislation established "Service Above Self" as the principal motto of Rotary, since it best explains the philosophy of unselfish volunteer service.

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