Life Leadership 2019 (9/4) and Rotary Club of Lowell Community Foundation (9/11)

50/50 is up to $88 (9/11)

Wendie Preiss is our newest member to the Lowell Rotary Club!  Welcome!! (9/11)

President Dawne Broene presented a Raffle Calendar of Michigan Scenes that is available to purchase for $25.  Those who purchase one can win multiple times of the year.
Each calendar is $25 with $10 coming back to the Club.  Rotarian Theresa Mundt has offered to collect the money.  Thank you Theresa for all you do! (9/4)
Upcoming Meetings:
Lowell Pink Arrow Game - September 13th.
Fallasburg Festival is September 14th & 15th.
Highway Clean Up is September 25th.
Community Clean Up is September 28th at the Fairgrounds
Neighbor to Neighbor is October 19th.
Rotarian Nate Fowler introduced MaryJo Jo Buechler, Mya Kaywod, Sierra Hieshetter and Casper Broene. All attended the Life Leadership Conference 2019. 
Each told of their experience and the new families they created.  The first leader, Anne guided her group to "Choose your path...For Now", Johnny T. 
guided his group to believe "You are Perfect!" and Molly guided her group to "Flip your 20 from Bad to Good". (9/4)
There were many activities available at the camp including card and board games, kayaking, swimming, spikeball, morning workouts and campfires.  
They also learned leadership skills.  (9/4)
This year, Casper Broene was the "Chosen One" and was elected Confree of the year.  He made an impact on so many people at the conference and
the group was so proud of him!  He was given the toolbox, full of lessons and quotes from the weekend, all written by students at the conference.  Our very own 
President Dawn Broene has got to be so proud of her son!!  Congratulations!! (9/4)
Prior to the 9/11 presentation Broene gave and very touching prayer and the Lowell Rotary Club took a moment of silence "Remembering 911". 
Rotarian Deborah Wilks educated the group on the Rotary Club of Lowell Community Foundation.  The purpose of the foundation is to provide
educational scholarships to students in or from the Lowell area and various other charities operated exclusively for charitable 
purposes and/or educational purposes.  
The Donald & Ellura McPherson Scholarship is the newest scholarship established in 2017.  Others include the Hahn/Rotary Club of Lowell Scholarship, 
Two King and Marie Doyle Family Scholarships, Dorothy J & Clinton J. Christoff Family Scholarship - Cornerstone, Eva & Lee Lampkin Scholarship and
Wilks/Dalziel Family Scholarship - Accumulation Phase.
RI President
Mark Maloney
District Governor
Dave Thomas
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Club Secretary
Happy Birthday!
Member Birthdays
Jim White
September 4
Mark Mundt
September 12
Deborah Wilks
September 14
Patrick Doyle
October 13
Jim Reagan
October 22
John Sterly
October 27
Tony Pearson
Amy Pearson
October 16
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Sept 18 - Eric Wakeman - Steve Dean
Sept 25 - Highway Clean Up
Oct 2 - Cody Chambers
Oct 9 - Jerry Miller and Alec McPherson
Mark your calendar for the District Conference!
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