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Craig Anderson shared with us this week about the twinning of clubs (AKA sister clubs) and how twinning with his home club, Ladybrand, in South Africa could benefit both clubs.
Twinning is when 2 clubs pledge (there is no formal direction from RI) to a long term relationship to promote international understanding and goodwill to carry out service projects in both communities. The clubs typically share similar interests, challenges, and history.
A bit about Ladybrand:
  • Part of District 9370
  • Formed 11/1990
  • Meeting Thrus @7pm (raise a glass!)
  • Motto: 'Changing Gears'
  • Own a club house!
  • Past projects: Day care center, replaceable toilet, solar hot water, tree planting, sponsorship of RYLA and other district events, wine projects!
How does this fit in with RI's 6 areas of focus?
Clean Water: providing rain barrels, hand washing, toilets
Literacy: collecting library books for schools (Craig already has a shed full if you can add to it!), training, early childhood education
Peace: Cultural exchange (trip in 2020!?!)
What do you think? The board is working with Craig and the Ladybrand club to form a memo of understanding or letter of agreement. The who, when and why. If you have concerns or excitement let a board member know.
Adopt-a-Highway 2019
Stay tuned for more complete information.
Please watch the following safety video (will also be shown during a regular meeting).
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Treasurer - Betsy Davidson
Secretary - Theresa Mundt
IPP - Dave Abel
Foundation Chair - Jim Lang
District Governor
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Rotary International President
Barry Rassin
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March 27 - Spotlight on Ashley!
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