Once again two prospective members visited with the Lowell Rotary club:  Chris Goggins with Allstate and Evan from Litehouse.
The 50/50 is up to $211!
Visiting Rotarian Craig Anderson from the Ladybrand Club in S. Africa presented a "Twinning Agreement" for review.  This would be a two year agreement at which time it would be re-evaluated.  The club as a whole will vote on this next week.
Steve Flohr announced an upcoming Golf Charity event being held at Arrowhead Golf Coarse.  All money raised will be donated to those who can not afford glasses in Lowell.
Jim White introduced Muskegon Rotarian, Orville Crain, District 6290 Membership Chair, co-owner of Clever Innervations and life long entrepreneur with five different patents.  Crain spoke in regards to recruiting new Rotarians, noting he is in the process of recruiting his 20th member.  He explained the importance of being able to explain what Rotary is when asked by others.  Personal connection is by far the best way to acquire new members.  Crain suggested visiting Rotary Club Central.  Crain ended his talk with a quote; "if you are green you grow, if you are ripe you rot".  A wise man!!
Orville Crain, Muskegon Rotarian
May 15 - General Assembly and Potluck
May 22 - Cole W
May 29 - Patrick D
              11am Highway Pick Up Mtg
TBD - Poolside Chat - Dave Abel house - end of June
President - Tony Pearson
President Elect - Dawn Broene
Treasurer - Betsy Davidson
Secretary - Theresa Mundt
IPP - Dave Abel
Foundation Chair - Jim Lang
District Governor
Brian Robertson
Rotary International President
Barry Rassin
Jeff Wilterink
May 16
Brad Brillhart
June 2
Wendell Christoff
June 25
Brian Doyle
June 28
Steve Flohr
June 30
Steve Flohr
Stephanie Flohr
May 15
Jerry Miller
Betty Miller
June 17
Betty Morlock
Sam Morlock
June 14
Jim White
Bobby White
June 24
Join us at noon on Wednesdays at Lowell City Hall
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