D6290 Foundation Generosity!

Thank you for making Giving Tuesday a huge success! Rotarians around the world raised over $144,000 in a single day to support our Foundation. For the second consecutive year, District 6290 was among the Top Ten worldwide in terms of individual, online contributions made on Giving Tuesday with donations of $5,503.13! 

More breaking news . . . the D6290 team of Indoor Ride to End Polio topped all other participating Districts. The 2016 MICHAEL HARRIS MEMORIAL RIDE TO END POLIO total of record for 2016 including all matches is $11,336,014! Top Indoor Ride to End Polio Club and District Teams (before match):

Rotary Club of Sebastopol, CA                $15,328
Rotary Club of Calgary West                    $18,671
Rotary District 6290                                $10,050

Way to go District 6290 Rotarians! Thanks so much for your generosity.


A New Year's resolution for your Rotary club

As you prepare for this festive holiday season and reflect on the past year, you may also be thinking about your New Year’s resolution. Many people resolve to improve their health and well-being. Could your Rotary club benefit from a similar exercise? Take the Rotary Club Health Check, an easy online quiz to help your club recognize problem areas and prescribe remedies.
Once you’ve taken the health check, tell us how you did. What challenges will your club address in the new year? Describe your club’s next steps in the Membership Best Practices Discussion Group or write us at membership.minute@rotary.org —you might be featured in an upcoming webinar!

District Leadership Training

Posted by Edward C. Swart
The District Training Assemblies as we have known them the past few years will not be repeated in 2017.
Pre-PETS training has been replaced by Regional meetings arranged by Assistant Governors for Presidents-Elect to meet with the DGE. And, just as we have turned to more individualized, electronic training for the Grant Management Seminars, the District Training Committee is planning similar methods for training other club officers. We will try to have our 'Assemblies' during months of better travel weather such as our October meeting and spring District Conference.

Grant Management Seminars Going Online!

Posted by Al Bonney
As you may recall, there are specific eligibility requirements for clubs interested in pursuing matching grants, including participation in a Grant Management Seminar. 
We have wonderful news! In 2017 we are offering an online approach to satisfy this requirement!
"At least two Rotarians from your club with a membership of 20 or more based upon Rotary International records as of July 1, 2016 must attend a Grant Management Seminar in person or online before July 1, 2017. If your club has fewer than 20 members as of July 1, 2016, at least one Rotarian must attend a Grant Management Seminar before July 1, 2017. New this year -- any Rotarian signing a grant application or listed as grant project chairperson must have taken a Grant Management Seminar."
The online D6290 Grant Management Seminar will be delivered in three segments, each lasting no more than 30 minutes. The series will be launched by February 15, 2017 and will remain online for 'on-demand' viewing. The course will include review of narrated presentation materials with supporting, downloadable resources. Each segment will include an online quiz.
We hope you'll agree that this approach provides tremendous flexibility and should allow for maximum participation by club members. 
For those that prefer an in-person approach, we will continue to offer this program as part of the Thursday agenda at May 2017 District Conference. Stay tuned for more specific details, including link to online course in February District Newsletter.