May 2 - 4 District 6290 Conference
at the Double JJ Resort
This conference promises to be an unforgettable experience, filled with opportunities for learning, networking, and most importantly, fellowship. Here's a sneak peek at what the district has in store for those who attend:
  • Rotary International Gathering: Connect with fellow Rotarians from across our district as we come together to celebrate our shared commitment to service and community.
  • Cabin Hosted Meal: Enjoy a delicious meal in the picturesque setting of Double JJ Ranch, hosted in cozy cabins that will provide the perfect backdrop for meaningful conversations and connections.
  • Human Horse Races: Get ready for some friendly competition and camaraderie as we engage in human horse races—a unique and entertaining activity that promises laughter and fun for participants and spectators alike.  This event will be raising money for the Rotary Foundation.
  • Learning Through Improv: Explore the power of improvisation as a tool for personal and professional growth. Our interactive sessions will encourage creativity, spontaneity, and collaboration, fostering valuable skills that can be applied both within Rotary and beyond.
  • Fellowship and Bonding: Take advantage of numerous opportunities throughout the conference to connect with fellow Rotarians, share experiences, and forge lasting friendships that extend beyond our time together at Double JJ Ranch.
The district is committed to ensuring that this conference is not only informative and enriching but also enjoyable and memorable for all attendees. Whether you're a seasoned Rotarian or new to the organization, there will be something for everyone at this event.

Rotarians Volunteer

Kentwood Food Truck Festival

On June 10, 2023 Lois, Paul, Lou, and Alice volunteered serving drinks and parking cars at the Kentwood Food Truck Festival. It was great to support the local community, come join us for opportunities to serve your community!
Lou and Paul parking cars!
Lois and Alice serving drinks!
We meet at 12:00 Noon on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at:
The Candied Yam
2305 44th Street
Grand Rapids, 49508
(Near Breton and 44th Street)
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