Posted by Jessamy Pressler on Sep 01, 2018
A new member's perspective on her experience with Shoes For Kids.
A challenging season… we’ve all been there. My Shoes for Kids contact (call her Jane) was smack dab in the middle of one. A single mother of five facing financial struggles, car troubles, and the general challenges of providing for 5 beautiful children. Jane arrived at the store with 3 of her 4 shoppers in tow, stressed and a little apprehensive thanks to some serious car troubles she encountered during the drive. After our introductions I watched her take a deep breath, shift gears and transition into the role of helping her children choose shoes.
The next 30 minutes involved 3 gracious and polite teenagers excitedly (and humbly) shopping for shoes for the upcoming school year. Each of the girls picked their favorites and mom subtly guided them into making realistic and sensible choices for shoes that would last them the season. I was blown away by the process and reminded that little and seemingly inconsequential things can bring joy and a fresh perspective.
The undertones of the day began with some anxiety, morphed into excitement, and then concluded with a tremendous sense of gratitude all around. Jane explained to me that she was in a difficult season and has been facing many life challenges. What I saw was a strong woman doing her best for her children and I was made better by being involved in a program that shined a little light into the shadows of her struggles.
At the conclusion of the shopping trip Jane explained to her children through eyes sheened with tears, that people they don’t even know just dropped a substantial amount of money on their family so the kids could have shoes and socks for the year. She was genuinely moved and the sentiment was catching. Her children thanked me and off they went back to their life - hopefully a little lighter.