Aug 30, 2018 8:00 AM
Dr. Ryan Murphy, Ph.D.
Democracy and Social Media
Dr. Ryan Murphy presents "Democracy and Social Media." He says of the talk, "Thomas Jefferson wrote that a “well informed electorate is necessary to a healthy democracy”. But how do we responsibly inform ourselves in an age of infotainment, tribalism, fake news, meddling foreign powers, and the proliferation of technological platforms that specialize in propagating information designed to shock and infuriate?"


"Join us for a lively, entertaining, and informative talk on the role of individual citizens in promoting the responsible dissemination of information," invites Murphy. " We will consider the way in which inflammatory news travels faster on social media than informative news based on responsible journalism, and we will discuss the risks this poses to our democracy. We will then discuss how to assess and test the quality of the information we consume and look at ways to evaluate whether it should be passed along."

Ryan Patrick Murphy, PhD (King’s College London), studies and teaches in the field of Social Ethics. He is especially interested in epistemology, the philosophical field that examines how we acquire and test beliefs. He has been a college professor for ten years, and while he continues to teach internationally, he is presently the Executive Director of Crossroads of the Rockies, an inner-city nonprofit in Denver.