Date:  7/3/2020
Contact: Tami Beard, President, Grand Junction Rotary, 970-640-4097
               Peter Booth, Immediate Past President, Grand Junction Rotary, 503-551-6117
Rotary Club Honors COVID Heroes
Grand Junction, CO – Jeff Kuhr and Diane Schwenke were recognized with the Rotary Club of Grand Junction’s highest honor last week for their tireless work in helping to navigate Mesa County through the health and economic impacts of the COVID pandemic.
The “Service above Self Award” is the club’s highest honor and recognizes individuals or groups who have demonstrated exemplary humanitarian service, with an emphasis on personal efforts and active involvement in community service.  Honorees are not necessarily Rotarians, and often are not, but members of the community that quite literally personify the Rotary motto of “Service above Self.” 
“We all have experienced and are experiencing the extreme challenges that this pandemic has brought upon us, said Peter Booth, club president. “We have been blessed to have our two recipients of this year’s award manning their posts and going above and beyond to address the health and economic issues thrust upon us.”
With his forethought and planning even before the pandemic even came to the U.S., Jeff Kuhr’s leadership as the director of the Mesa County Health Department has made us the envy of counties across the country. His leadership has been instrumental in helping our community weather the crises.
Meanwhile, Diane Schwenke, Grand Junction-Area Chamber of Commerce Director, has lead the charge in guiding Mesa County’s business community through the economic challenges created by COVID-19. 
Booth continued, “For going above and beyond their respective responsibilities to help guide Mesa County though the COVID-19 pandemic, we are honored to recognize Diane Schwenke and Jeff Kuhr with the Rotary Club of Grand Junction’s Service above Self Award for 2020. “  
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