Clifton Christian Church Food and Clothing
Oct 14, 2020
Jackie Feaster
Clifton Christian Church Food and Clothing

Bio: Born and raised here, I went to local schools in Clifton and Palisade. My path was full of choices that helped me in many ways.  I was a young teenage mom, that made poor choices in many forms. As I look back, I know my path was preparing me to be the Executive Director of Clifton Christian Church Food and Clothing. I am married with three adult children and three grandchildren. I have been the Director for 10 years, The first year we gave food to only 5000 individuals the entire year. In 2019 we were blessed to be able to give food and clothing to over 20,000 individuals.

Our mission is to provide nutritious food and clothing to those individuals who find themselves with a need. We not only give them what they need for their hunger, but most important we show them love, compassion, and respect,  touching each one with the love of Christ. When they leave our doors they know they are an important and valued member of our community.

My past has shown me to love individuals no matter what they are going through, that we all are important, and we can change the world one person at a time. 2020 has been a year to remember for all of us. It has been extremely overwhelming, with many challenges. Nevertheless, we have been able to show grace and mercy to our community. We are honored to be able to stand in the gap for individuals who find themselves with a food insecurity. Thank you, so very much for your kindness, generosity and your support.