Rotary Foundation
Jan 27, 2021
Aaron Tice
Rotary Foundation

Bio: Aaron Tice is the Treasurer of The Rotary Club of Grand Junction and The Rotary Club of GJ Foundation.  He also serves on the District Grant committee as the Chairman and is currently serving as the Vice President of Bookcliff Country Club.   He is the founder of a Registered Investment Advisor, Delphi Wealth Partners, which he founded in 2015 to provide fiduciary advice to his clients, friends, and family.

Aaron is both an alumnus of CMU and, of course, University of Oregon where he graduated with a BS in Biochemistry.   He married out of his league when he met Bailey and they are lucky the two, Sawyer (8) and Kinley(6), take after their mother.   

Program will include discussion of the role and finances of the Rotary Foundation.