President Mike McCormick



Rotary International President Barry Rassin (2018-2019) challenges us to “Be the Inspiration”. As we reflect on the many contributions the Rotary Club of Grand Junction has made to improve life in our community and beyond, it may be appropriate for us to continue our commitment to inspire through our support for projects that need our help.

As a member of the Rotary International community, we have the opportunity to collaborate on projects and initiatives in ways other organizations and governments cannot- tapping global resources that cross most political and cultural boundaries to make this a safer and better world.

As we begin our 100th year of service in our community, it seems appropriate to look back at what the club has accomplished in our first 100 years. Later this year we will be highlighting a few of the sentinel events and milestones reached, and acknowledge some of our fellow Rotarians who helped us along the way. Next June, we will celebrate in style our 100th anniversary. We hope to see you there!

While looking back will be fun, we can’t become fixated on the rear view mirror- we have projects in front of us that need our support to positively impact people and organizations of today. In addition to the many projects we are committed to now, we are open to exploring new avenues of service.

I am honored to be the President of the Rotary Club of Grand Junction for this year. We have a great board of directors that will keep me on track and the business of our club running smoothly. The positive synergy among the newer tenured Rotarians and the more senior members of the club is exciting- we have the opportunity to “Be the Inspiration” for many people who could use a little hope and inspiration.