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Topic: We serve the community by managing high-priority, non-native, invasive plants, and insect pests in order to create and protect valuable agricultural commodities, natural areas and infrastructure.  We help County residents re-think their land management problems.  There are opportunities for you to join in the fun!  Here to speak about this fun is Grand Junction native, Teresa Nees of the Mesa County Noxious Weed & Pest Management program. 

Teresa Nees
Mar 21, 2018
Topic: Rob Gay, Director of Education for the Colorado Canyons Association (CCA), presents new findings on a fossil identified as the oldest dinosaur bone found in the State of Utah.  Specifically, it is identified as coming from the Late Triassic Period (220-200 million years ago).  This fossil is of a sacrum (part of the pelvis) that belonged to a small meat-eating dinosaur that was buried less than 100 miles away from Fruita. This dinosaur is important to the story of the Colorado Plateau because it not only shows us a little of what Utah's oldest dinosaurs looked like, it is also the furthest north anyone has ever found a dinosaur of this age.. This find may help us better understand how dinosaurs spread across North America during this time period.  This was a collaborative efforts of three paleontologists – Xavier Jenkins with Arizona State University, Dr. John Foster with the Museum of Moab, and Robert Gay with CCA.   Their findings are bring published in the Utah Geological Association’s journal Geology of the Intermountain West. The sacrum fossil is currently housed at Dinosaur Journey in Fruita.
Bio: Rob Gay digs up dead animals and tells the world about it. As a paleontologist, he has taken citizen scientists out and uncovered fossils hundreds of millions of years old. He's using that experience now at CCA as Education Director to educate the future about the scientific and historic values of our shared public lands. In his free time you can find him hiking, kayaking, or camping across the Colorado Plateau.  Previous to working at CCA, Rob worked with the Museums of Western Colorado and as an educator in Arizona. 
Robert Gay
Mar 28, 2018
Jack Connelly
Apr 04, 2018
Apr 18, 2018
Cloe Brown
Apr 25, 2018
Mesa County Commissioners
May 02, 2018