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The 4rd Annual Grand Junction Rotary Newlywed (and Not-So Newlywed) Game will pit married couples from within our Club’s membership against each other in a series of revealing questions to determine how well the spouses know—or don’t know—each other.  Our Rotary Newlywed Game harkening back to the very popular 1960s and 1970s TV game show.  In ourversion, host Michael Blackburn will pit Michael & Paula McCormick, Aaron & Bailey Tice, Chris & Teresa Unfug, and Barbara Traylor Smith & Donnie Alexander against each other.  Through a series of edgy and probing questions, we will discover which couple is most aware of each other.  What they discover about themselves might surprise us all.   
Michael Blackburn, The Love Host
Feb 14, 2018

Topic: Not knowing he would be cross examining expert witnesses in January, Doug May launched a series of impertinent objections to the New York Federal Bankruptcy Court in October of 2017.  Now known as “The Maggot Guy” by the $1,500 an hour attorneys representing some of Wall Street’s largest hedge funds, against him, Doug, representing himself (Pro Se), has been asking the Judge to reject management’s Chapter 11 Reorganization plan.  Much to Doug’s surprise, it appears that the Judge might be listening.

 Bio: Doug enjoys helping people “retire right.”  Providing objective investment management and legacy planning advice, Doug partners with Barbara Traylor Smith and Jeff Murray as an Independent Wealth Advisor with WealthSource Partners.  Doug also helped launch Two Rivers Trust Company.  Prior to launching his own firm, Doug earned his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 1987 and managed fixed income portfolios for United Capital Management, an institutional pension management firm.  Doug and his wife, Chris, have three boys, any one of which is far brighter and more interesting than their father.

Doug May
Feb 21, 2018
Mesa County Commissioners
Feb 28, 2018
Tom Benton
Feb 28, 2018
Mayor Rick Taggart and City Manager Greg Caton
Mar 07, 2018