Members Present: Laurel Rematore, Dana Hill, Dave Sanford, Vic Vieira, LouAnn Jacobson, Rakhat Ashymov, Tyler Nance, Steve Maxwell, Brandon Thurston, Tom Seymour, Charley Miller, Dan Jones, Jim Phillips, Dave Sanford, and Larry Archibeque.

Pledge: Laurel Rematore

Prayer: Dan Jones

1) Question of the day, "Has anyone ever played a musical instrument."

2) Induction of Rakhat Ashymov and Rotary Emblem pinned by Steve Maxwell.

3) Commodity distribution this Saturday and a scheduled work day for lights on the hill. Meet at the Dolores Fire Station at 6:30 a.m. 

4) Financial report postponed until next week.

5) Two hundred and forty dollars was made from last week's  bingo game held at the Dolores Community Center. A check payable to Dolores Secondary PTO was handed to Brandon Thurston to deliver to the beneficiaries.

6) Audit report was postponed until next week.

7) Charley informed the club that she had sold a thousand dollars worth of tickets on the pistol raffle. 

8) Dave Sanford  informed the club that MORP, Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project, was interested in restoring a variety of trees and apples into the area. A possible presentation to be made in the future. 

9) Neal Stephens resigned his position as membership chair and the club is searching for a new replacement. Anyone interested may contact Laurel Rematore. 

10) Rotary International is asking clubs to review by-laws, therefore a review by-law committee has been made up of Laurel Rematore, Dave Sanford, and LouAnn Jacobson. (After the meeting was adjourned, Rakhat Ashymov also volunteered to help with the bylaws review.)

11) A reminder that the district governor will be at the meeting on November 4, 2014.

12) A policy on Donation Criteria was discussed, will be revised, and a final draft for final review will be forthcoming. 

13) A discussion was held on a donation to the Galloping Goose. This topic was postponed to our next meeting for a final decision. 

14) Meeting adjourned by Laurel Rematore.