Members Present: Lou Ann Jacobson Ball,  Denis Boon, Allan Burnside, Scott Carpenter, Melinda Green, Dana Hill, Dan Jones, Steve Maxwell, Ed Merritt, Charley Miller, Jim Phillips, Laurel Rematore, Dave Sanford, Tom Seymour, Mary Sparks, Neal Stephens, Brandon Thurston, Mark Tucker, Shawna Valdez, Vic Vieira.

Guest: Megan Tallmadge, Dolores School Garden; thank you for donation and invitation to their Garden Party on July 31.


Pledge:  Laurel Rematore

Prayer:  Dave Sanford

Question of the day:  Class reunion experiences. 


Escalante Days updates


Drone raffle ticket sales:  Over 500 tickets sold. Sell tickets at Bike Rodeo registration table and at Race registration. A similar drone will be flown during the Rodeo. Shawna will make a sign with information about raffle tickets for registration sales.


Bike Rodeo:  12 volunteers signed up to help. Start at 5 p.m. Friday night. Tom will clear the weeds from parking lot. Doc has three bikes to give away, so far. Bike mechanics are on board.


T-shirts:  Will be ready August 1. Dan will pick them up at SW Design. Need volunteers to deliver shirts to sponsors. Shawna will provide bags.



·         Scott Clow will be announcer/MC. Laurel will send bib colors to Mark Tucker.

·         Nicholas @ Lizard Head wants to promote the race on social media. Discussion of how many bikers we can handle.Conclusion was 250 participants.

·         Shawna is tracking volunteer sign-ups.

·         Cash prize for setting new course record is up to $700. Thank you Linda Burnside for donating so much to the prize fund!

·         Will Furse tentatively identified as course sweeper.

·         Dan will get timer clock and stop signs from the Cortez Cultural Center, and see if the clock is in working order.

·         Discussion about walky talkies, tables, chairs, prizes, cash prizes, etc..

·         Three sponsors haven’t paid ($150 total).


Announcements: Jim Phillips presented Sicily apron as gift from Giuseppe, our Rotary Youth Exchange student. 

Mary Sparks talked about recent acknowledgement of Denis’ grandfather having been the jeweler for Paramount Films.


Meeting adjourned by Laurel Rematore.