Posted by Susan Lisak
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: October 3, 2017
Call to Order:   6:30am
Question of the Day? Recent happy thought or experience.  
Bike Race Meeting Overview
  • Discussed sponsor amounts and levels
  • Should we start the sponsor levels at $100? If anyone donates lower amounts we can just put them on the website. Tabled for further discussion
  • Change the sponsor forms so that the top part is to participate with advertising and the bottom part solely for donations or swag bags? Discussed, and a sample form will be forthcoming to view for the next bike race meeting.
  • We should change the number of shirts given for sponsors. Tabled until next bike race meeting.
  • Advertise in Mountain Flyer? No. It was decided that this year we would only partake in free opportunities to list the event, since word of mouth has always been the most important and we are unsure of the ROI of any printed advertisement.
Other Business
  • September Bingo update (for DHS government)
    • Had a poor turnout, probably due to a schedule conflict with the volleyball tournament, along with it being the first of the year, and no marketing efforts.
    • Discussion of what the club should do when not enough donations come in.
    • Raised $154 with dessert auction, $120 on bingo, for a total of $274
    • Maybe next year we should reconsider the timing of the school sponsored bingos,  changing them to later in the year for a better turnout.
    • Discussed whether we should promise a minimum donation. No, the beneficiaries need to spread the word and get their people to attend. We don’t want the audience to be mainly Rotarians, and then on top of that give more money. But based on circumstance, we may discuss whether to add any additional funding on a case-by-case basis.
    • Will ask if the student gov’t wants to present at the next meeting and ask for a donation.
  • Need to schedule a maintenance day for the hillside lights
    • Discussed, and Saturday, October 21st has been chosen.
    • Meet at 8am for breakfast at the Ponderosa, 9am up at lights
    • Shawna wants to look at shed before lights go out.
    • Dan will Call Casey Mcclellan and electric company (done).
    • Need to bring a ladder, replacement bulbs, and game camera (needs D batteries and SD card).
    • Want to change the lights on the angel?  
Financials with Ed Merritt
  • Last year same time we were $2600 in the red, now $1350 in the black
  • Susan attended a Grant Seminar Sep 23rd in Grand Junction. This allows us to apply for Rotary International District or Global grants (see addendum on Grant information below).
  • Save the Playground initiative
    • There was a formal workshop and a community organization
    • Greater Dolores Action (GDA) will help with getting grants and have the money flow through them for non-profit status.
    • Trying to raise money to get Leathers to evaluate the playground and offer their advice. Started a Go Fund Me initiative, raised over $2K so far.
    • There will be a fundraising table at the upcoming Harvest Fest on Oct 14th, they need volunteers.
    • Will have donation jars around town.
    • Also are asking people to attend the next board meeting on October 10th
  • Need Rotary volunteers this Friday for float decorations, costumes, and candy/postcard distributors for the Homecoming day parade. Need to have everything ready by 2pm at the General Store. Need straw man and tin man volunteer.  
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am
Addendum: Rotary Grant Information
Rotary International -  District and Global Grants
Must include the active participation of Rotarians
Include signage on the project listing Rotary as the grant sponsor
Have a separate bank account for the project
Have the final report and costs completed by the end of fiscal year (June 30th)
Have a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on file with Rotary International
Have no conflicts of interest with the project or any vendors
Must retain all records for at least 5 years
District Grant Requirements
  • You can use district grants to fund things like: Humanitarian projects, Local/Community projects, Scholarships, Youth programs, Vocational training teams
  • District grants require a 50% investment by the club, and the district may donate the other 50%, usually up to $5K. Multiple clubs may join in.
Global grant requirements
  • Must align with one of Rotary’s 6 areas of focus: promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water/sanitation/hygiene, saving mothers and children, supporting education, growing local economies.
  • Are sustainable: communities must be able to address their own needs after the Rotary club or district has completed its work, like maintenance, insurance, permits, etc.
  • Are measurable: using standard measures from the Rotary Grant Plan supplement.
  • Are host community driven:  The host community designs the grant based on local needs that they have identified, takes the lead, and does any necessary surveys or assessments.
  • Minimum budget of $30K. Multiple clubs may join in.