Posted by Susan Lisak
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: October 31, 2017
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
Question of the Day? Favorite costume?
In attendance? Dan Jones, Robbie Singer, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Mark Tucker, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Paul Bilger, Val Truelson
Any New Guests? No
Bingo overview
Last bingo for NHD - $190.00
Few bingo players - 15 bingo players
Next bingo is for the Christmas Lighting fund, November 28th.
Paul will bring green chili posole
Any other ideas?
Food commodities distribution is this Saturday, 6am at the firehouse.
10am regionals for volleyball, 3 teams, $8, winners go to state
Scott Clow is looking for volunteers for this weekend’s Cyclocross at Joe Rowell park, Nov 3-4th. Needs 1:30pm Friday for setup, 9am Saturday for event, and 2:30pm Saturday for breakdown.  Susan volunteering Friday, Ed on Saturday, Susan to bring bike race cards on Friday.
Christmas lights maintenance - replacement lights have been ordered, and will need volunteers to help change bulbs this Saturday (Nov 4th), time TBD. Bulbs not in, so cancelling this saturday. Nov 11th? Need WD-40 sprayed on bulbs, gaskets missing? Gaskets in storage? About $600 in the lighting fund now. Mark tucker to check on gaskets.
Old wreaths for Rico - If they don’t want them, will check with Mancos. Weekend after thanksgiving is when wreaths go up.
Bike Race Meeting Overview
  • Save the date postcard
  • Sponsor forms approved. Starting at $100 to get onto shirts, but anything under that will get their name on our website. Modified number of shirts and only one goodie bag per sponsorship.
  • Changed awards ceremony to 1pm.
Dictionaries are here, Dave will contact the schools to distribute
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am