Posted by Susan Lisak
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: November 7, 2017
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
Question of the Day? What Grade School did you attend?
In attendance: Dana Hill, Robbie Singer, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Mark Tucker, Dave Sanford, Charley Miller, Ruby Gonzales, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Deanna Truelson, Dan Jones, Rocky Moss, Eli Brown, Shawna Valdez, Tom Seymour,

Voting day!: Mill levy cortez, mancos bond, Dolores school board
Any New Guests? Darla Sanders from the DAV, DAV is finding a new home across from ACE hardware, 900 to 2300 square feet, raising money for down payment, having raffle for a beef section, tickets $5/each, now have room and privacy for counseling sessions, as well as a lounge area, craft fair coming up Nov 25th @ the annex.
Hoby thank you letters passed around
P&L July - Nov: passed around by Ed.
Shawna passed out personal invitations for Ed Merritt’s retirement party

Xmas bazaar, first weekend in December, 50 spaces sold, last year 300-400ppl, breakfast, 8am-4pm, all proceeds benefit DCC.
Veterans days program friday 9am Dolores schools, music
Food Commodity Review - we had 30 boxes, mancos is going to start own food bank, dolores can’t because we have no storage, all boxes given out
Holiday light maintenance this weekend? Only angel lights can be done, lights in, grommets not in yet. Waiting till everything comes in before.
Rotary Fundraising series: November 28th - Holiday Lighting Fund
  • Venue: Dolores Community Center
  • Theme: Rotary Lights Up Dolores - Community Holiday Social
  • Audience/Crowd: Reach out to entire community
  • Idea: NO BINGO - Billed as community dinner (soups/chilis/etc) including hors d'oeuvres, salad, dessert, and a BAR, dessert auction, community get together to support ROTARY who always supports the community :)
  • Context: Scott will talk to group for about 5 minutes at beginning of evening to give a sort of “State of Rotary Dolores”, how we raise funds, organizations we support, talk about our “Dolores Rotary Community Fundraiser Series” and ask the community to support US in keeping the town decorated for holidays.
  • Total Goal: $1200, 100 attendees ($700 at door, $300 bar, $200 dessert auction)
  • Pricing: $10 adult/$5 Students, 5 and under free (encourage family attendance)
  • $2 off discount vouchers
  • General Donation Jar and Raffle ticket sales - at Ruby's Desk
  • Formally need to cancel bingo
  • Door prize, split pot.
What has already been done:
  • Special Events application completed (will not know if approved until Nov 27th)
  • Created the event on Facebook
  • Invited Friends of the Playground Facebook followers, encouraged them to support community
  • Press Release to Journal done
  • Added to the Journal’s Community Calendar
  • Posters created
  • Request made to Dolores Food Market for cheese & cracker apps. Waiting approval.
To Do List:
  • See if GST Liquors and Dolores River Brewery will donate beer/liquor for event and possible offer volunteers to help run the bar (Rocky & Scott).
  • Invite the Dolores Town Board (Susan)
  • Posters put up around town
    • Done already: Dolores State Bank, Ponderosa, General Store, Superintendent offices, Town Hall
    • Posters needed: Dolores Food Market, Chavolitos, Joe Rowell Park, Library, Post Office, GST Liquors, Pony Espresso
  • Submit info to Jim Reser to add to Coffee Break flyers, week of Nov 13th
  • Contact Pony Espresso for small dessert option donation (truffles, mini cupcakes, etc.)
  • See if Red Hat Ladies will make desserts for dessert auction (Dr. Burnside)
  • See if Ponderosa will donate salad and rolls (Deanna), yes!
  • Distribute $2 discount vouchers out to Rotarians (Susan)
  • Who will provide rest of dinner items?Shawna - main dish and dessert, paul bilger stew,
  • Personal ivitation to everyone that has presented.
  • Picture board of us working on lights, lifting up wreaths,
  • Appllications for rotary there
  • Live auction? (Tom) need items.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am