Posted by Susan Lisak
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: January 9, 2018
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
Question of the Day? New Years Resolutions?
In attendance: Charlie Powell, Kathie Butler, Dr. Burnside, Paul Bilger, LouAnn Jacobson Ball, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Mark Tucker, Dan Jones, Rocky Moss, Scott Cooper, Darwin Cooper, Dave Sanford, Deanna Truelsen, Ed Merritt, Eli Brown,
Commodities Report
Very few showed up for Jan 6th food giveaway. Didn't know the date? Too cold? Unsure why. Happened last January as well.
Bingo Application Form
Should we create a Bingo application for upcoming season? Yes, Susan will create and submit for group to approve.
We have current Bingo recipients set thru May 2018, so it would be any ones we consider beginning Jun 2018

Bingo license has been renewed for 2018, certificate was emailed to us, printed and copies to Rocky, Dr. Burnside and Susan Lisak

New Dolores Rotary email address created
May see emails from
Members can give out this email to anyone wishing to correspond with the club
Other Items:
  • Holiday lights are off, grant with Empire Electric? Dan and Ed to get and see
  • Need to order and/or create Dolores Rotary Club Flags, find old copies, order 100, better storage
Next Bike Race Meeting is Jan 30th
Guest Speaker: Kathie Butler, The Nature Center at Butler Corner
Kathie lived her her entire life, family has been here close to 100 years.
Been building a welcome center, outside is finished, will have a large meeting room, library, loft for kids,
Building a compost toilet
4/10 mile story trail, 20 boxes metal with parts of childrens books in them, can read parts while they walk the trail
6 miles of trails, color coded
Storytime every thursday
501c(3), going to change to private but going to run it like a non-profit
Biggest challenge is paying for insurance
Sponsorships available at $1000/$500/$250/$100 levels, memberships soon to be available
Located towards groundhog lake
263 acres, alpacas and goats, weaving studio
Grand opening in April,
Looking for volunteers
Butler Corner at Dolores State Bank for any donations
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am