Posted by Susan Lisak
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: January 16, 2018
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
Question of the Day? MLK day activities?
Fundraising Committee Meeting overview
  • Reviewed Bingo application Susan created, copies sent around to group to review and approve
  • Have Bingo year round? Can be done, but let club vote, tabled for further discussion.
    • Examples of what we can do in the summer:
      • June - Movie & bbq family night? - School gym or Flanders Park? Booster club as beneficiaries?
      • July - Beer & bingo & bbq summer event?
        • Dolores Rotary club beneficiary?? If so, would need to say how the money will be used
        • Use proceeds towards next 4th of July for fireworks? No.
        • Ask for other ideas of what we can earmark proceeds for
      • August - Outreach to other communities for fundraising during summer - Rico, Mancos, Dove Creek?
      • Any other ideas?
  • Talked about taking all the past Escalante days shirts and seeing if someone wanted to make a quilt out of them for 20th anniversary. Tabled for further discussion.
Bingo Cancelled by Fellowship of Christian Athletes Jan 30th -
  • looking for replacements or will need to cancel the event, asking Cortez Leopard Sharks swim team, Dolores Thrift store, Bridge Shelter, and maybe others if they don't want to jump in.
Bike Race Meeting will be Jan 30th
Open speaker slot for Feb 13th
Today’s Guest Speaker - Jeff Pope with KSJD Radio
Fundraising Ideas
KSJD Went from $20K budget to $700K budget, 60K ppl served
Sunflower 4500ppl served, this year 6K
Set goals, make it achievable, measure results
People give to something they can understand, and is meaningful
Don't ask is the number one reason ppl dont give
How is rotary reaching out to bikers after race?
Then create tactics based on goals
Have a few opportunities to ask later for money
Our job is to communicate meaning and usage of funds in a clear way
People give to people, when they understand where the money goes
Meeting adjoured at 7:30am