Posted by Susan Lisak
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: December 19, 2017
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
Question of the Day? Childhood Christmas Tradition?
In attendance: Susan Lisak, Dr. Burnside, Shawna Valdez, Scott Cooper, Paul Bilger, John Taveira, Ed Merritt, Lou Ann Jacobson Ball, Tammy Houghton, Robbie Singer, Rocky Moss, Deanna Truelsen, Tom Seymour, Dave Sanford
Rocky needs $100 for bingo renewals, payable to sec of state
Raffle Update: Winners notified
$6750 total
$4280 vacation
$2470 Rifle
Vacation Net $1442.50 each community center, Dolores schools
Rifle Net $2011 split 3 ways $670.33 each, Ryla, Destination imagination, scholarships
Should we do more raffles at specific events, when we have a long time to sell tickets?
Rotary Christmas Party:
Voted in by club:
President - July 2018: Deanna Truelsen
President Elect - July 2019: Susan Lisak
President Elect Nominee - July 2020: Robbie Singer
Susan and Deanna will attend President Elect Training in Denver, weekend of March 3rd.
Other Items:
Rotary name tags,
Games license renewal
Need Dolores Rotary Flag, research and tabled to Jan 9th
Donation Request: Bears Booster Club donation request, $250 requested, motion passed
Town of Dolores donated $500 towards lighting fund, article in Denver post about Rico and old Dolores Wreaths
Guest Speaker - Shawna Valdez, Dolores State Bank, “Why Local Matters in a Global Economy”
Dolores state bank is the biggest in the county, quarter of a billion dollars, 5 locations, over 50 employees, Tammy is E-services coordinator, average donation is $250
Small businesses donate 250% more than larger businesses to non-profit
For every $100 you spend, $68 stays in community, $43 non-local business, online store $1
Millenials make up 44% of workforce, want digital solutions and banks to be their financial advisors
Online loan apps
Financial literacy program
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am