Here are the Minutes for the December 18, 2018 Meeting
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    The weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Dolores (District 5470) was held on
December 18, 2019, at the Ponderosa Restaurant, 715 Railroad Avenue, Dolores, Colorado, 81323.
    The Leadership present was:
        Deanna Truelson - President
        Susan Lisak - President Elect
        Edward Merritt, Jr. - Treasurer
        Crystal Anderson - Secretary
    1.    The meeting was called to order.  It was determined that a quorum was present.  Pledge of Allegiance was performed and Inspiration was given.
    2.    The issue of using inspiration versus prayer, and holiday versus Christmas was raised and it was discussed.  There was a motion made to use the words prayer and Christmas, Hanukkah, in our minutes and meetings.  When discussing prayer, Christmas, we will use the words.  We will call things what they are instead of using neutral words.  The motion was seconded and a vote was held.  The vote passed to use the words prayer, Christmas, Hanukkah and similar words.  
    3.    The press release for the Student of the Year was presented and available for review.  The President Elect and Public Relations, Susan Lisak will prepare additional press releases so that the Rotary Club of Dolores will begin to receive additional press coverage.
    4.    The issued was raised that the Christmas wreath lights on several of the wreaths are not lit.  The issue was discussed.  The person we deal with a Empire Electric is Chris Miller, as the wreaths can only be lit by Empire Electric personnel.  Carl Buchta will contact Empire Electric to work with them to get all the wreaths lit.
    5.    In addition to the lighting of the wreaths, the issue was raised that we need to retrofit the wreaths with not just the connection with lug bolts but that we need to put on them a strap so they can be attached to the poles in two ways.  We can contact Comfort Air or Harbor Freight Tools to get the straps we need.  Ed Merritt, Jr. will contact Kevin at Comfort Air to speak with him about getting the straps we need.  We need to retrofit them over the summer.  Carl Buchta agreed to work on the wreaths over the summer and get them retrofitted with the straps.
    6.    The announcement was made that Crystal Anderson is the new secretary.
    7.    Crystal Anderson raised the issue that we need to review and revise the bylaws as necessary.  It was agreed this needs to be discussed at a later time.
    8.    Crystal Anderson raised the issue of a membership drive.  The President who visited the Rotary Club of Dolores gave the club a goal of five new members.  Crystal Anderson will bring in the list of Dolores Business License holders for review and membership recruitment.
     9.    The commodities distribution will be held on January 5, 2019.  It was discussed that the commodities we are currently getting are not that good.  We discussed whether Bountiful Baskets might be helpful, we need to contact them.
    10.    The groups who was visiting from the Needful Provisions Inc. talked about the Dominique Foundation in Irving, Texas, they give $5000.00 grant per year to food banks and the like.  Crystal Anderson needs to look into this foundation.  They are putting in a year round food cycle greenhouse.  They also have entrepreneur training.  They have a website at  They also talked about the United States Department of state foreign language translator program to talk to the school students about.
     11.    Susan Lisak is meeting with the school to get their information and is going to check and see if they can get us a link to their calendar so it can feed into our calendar.
     12.    No additional items were raised.
     13.    No Committee meeting reports were presented.  Item for next agenda, a Grant Committee.
     14.    The next Meeting will be held on January 8, 2019.
Dated:    December 20, 2018                    /s/ Crystal Anderson                                 
                                                                                     Crystal Anderson