Members Present: Rick Carpenter, Jim Phillips, Allan Burnside, Laurel Rematore, Tom Seymour, Denis Boon, LouAnn Jacobson, Vic Vieira, Dave Sanford, Charley Miller, Deanna Truelsen, Dan Jones, Dana Hill, Brandon Thurston, Mary Sparks, potential member - Physician Assistant Rekhat Ashymov, and Larry Archibeque. 

Pledge: Laurel Rematore
Prayer: Rick Carpenter

1) Question of the day, "Who is going to win the Super Bowl and why?" 

2) Commodities are this Saturday @ 6:30 a.m. @ the Dolores Fire Station.

3) Bingo on Thursday, September 30, no morning meeting, beneficiary will be an organization identified by Brandon Thurston from Dolores Schools. 

4) Permission was granted to Laurel to provide information on the club's Paul Harris members. 

5) Saturday, September 27, 2014 has been designated as a work day for Christmas Lights and clearing on the hill. Members are to meet at the Ponderosa at 8:00 a.m. and then proceed to the prescribed activity.

6) Jim Phillips has announced he will be moving at the end of October to Durango, thanks Jim for all you have done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7) Laurel discussed the financial report.

8) Motion made and approved up to five hundred dollars to purchase traffic signs for the Escalante Bike Race.

9) A discussion was held on the possible purchase of a electronic timing system for the Escalante Bike Race.

10) Motioned and approved that the beneficiaries for the gun raffle are RYLA, and The Imagination Library.

11) A sub committee was approved to develop criteria for the club as to making donations, members of the sub committee are Laurel Rematore, Tom Seymour, LouAnn Jacobson, Jim Phillips, and Brandon Thurston.

12) Meeting adjourned by Laurel Rematore.