Members and guests present: Denis Boon, Judy Marquez, Kim Percell, Larry Percell, Jim Phillips, John White, Tyler Nance, Laurel Rematore, Rakhat Ashymov, Allan Burnside, Shawna Valdez, Dave Sanford, Vic Vieira, Charley Miller, Scott Cooper, Sue Garlick, Darwin Cooper, Mary Sparks, Dana Hill, Deanna Truelsen, and Larry Archibeque.
Pledge: Laurel Rematore
Prayer: Dave Sanford
1) Question of the day was to identify a practical joke or experience.
2) Ongoing business with the gun raffle was that the holster receipt was given to Allan Burnside and that tickets now were being printed.
3) Anyone wishing to attend the Fall District Conference in Pueblo on October 3, 4, 5, please contact Laurel Rematore.
4) John White from Rochester, New York presented and exchanged Rotary banners and presented a Christmas ornament to the club.
5) Presentations were made to the club on their candidacy for Montezuma County Clerk by both Kim Percell and Judy Marquez.
6) Meeting was adjourned by Laurel Rematore.