Posted by Susan Lisak
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: September 26, 2017
Question of the Day? Do you prefer mountain bikes or road bikes and why.
In Attendance: Shawna Valdez, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Mark Tucker, Dave Sanford, Susan Lisak, Dr. Mac Wyman, Mike Nielsen
New Guests:
Mike Nielsen
New Rotary member: Dr. Mac Wyman
Bike Race Meeting
Talk about committees and how tasks and discussions should be set up
Volunteer committee - Shawna Valdez present
  • Have more of a laid-out schedule, have openings for last-minute volunteers. Tap into the volunteers at the Dolores River Fest.
  • Need more volunteers for the Bike Rodeo
  • Volunteers can sign up thru
Bike Rodeo Committee - Dave Sanford and Dr. Allan Burnside present
  • This year’s course was more challenging and better organized, but we could have used more volunteers.
  • The kids really liked the jumps, but we also need to include the rules of the road, so kids get the safety aspect in as well.
  • Maybe the time can be extended if the Chamber can move around the ice cream contest. More discussion in the future.
  • We may have to source our own helmets in the future. Maybe we can trade with Kokopelli in exchange for publicity and t-shirt sponsorship.
Sponsor Committee - Ed Merritt present
  • Susan L will reach out to corporate sponsors, as this is the time to do so, when they are working on next year’s budgets.
  • Some discussion on sponsor amounts and levels, will add to next business meeting
Permit Committee - Mark Tucker present
  • Motorcycle sweepers should wear official orange vest, so when they encounter others, they will know it’s on official duty.
  • Will communicate with sheriff on best time to close the road. Felt it was a little too early this past year.
Marketing Committee - Susan Lisak present
  • Advertise in Mountain Flyer? It’s in every bike shop, more discussion to follow
  • 12 hours of mesa verde postcards need to be repeated.
  • Cyclo cross advertising? More discussion needed
  • Leadville 100 advertising? More discussion needed
Fundraising committee - Susan Lisak & Dr. Burnside present
  • Dr. Burnside said everyone loved the bags, offered the idea that we could order 1000 bags and get 10-20 sponsors to give $250 to be on the bag as a separate fundraising opportunity. Then give them first right of refusal when we need to do another bag order.
  • Have bingo raffles, split proceeds with winner
  • Dunk tank at next Escalante Days?
  • Partner with different rotary groups?
Other Items:
  • Reflections in Metal owes $250, Julie Suckla $100, 4 corners community needs a W9,
  • 5K fun run - needed a lot more attendance and the word getting out to parents.
    • Family and pets 5K fun run?
    • Wear a costume fun run?
    • Make it a challenging course? Thru water, mud, etc.
  • Tabled the discussion about naming the 50-mile endurance course the “Galloping Goose” until the next meeting.
  • Discussed changes if the event gets split to partially being at Joe Rowell park. Not enough information at this time.
  • We need to schedule a maintenance day for the hillside lights
Meeting adjourned at 7:35am