Members and Guests Present: Emma Youngquist, Nina Williams, Darwin Cooper, Scott Cooper, Brandon Thurston, Laurel Rematore, Vic Vieira, Dave Sanford, Rakhat Ashymov, Allan Burnside, LouAnn Jacobson, Tyler Nance, Mark Tucker, Tom Seymour, Tom Rice, Deanna Truelsen, Val Truelsen, and Larry Archibeque. 

Pledge: Laurel Rematore

Prayer: Dave Sanford

1) Brandon Thurston asked members present to identify their most memorable trip.

2) The Dolores High School National Honor Society are the beneficiary for the club's October Bingo.There is no morning meeting scheduled for the last week of the month. 

3) Thanks, Rahkat Ashymov for stepping up to be the club's new Membership Chair and co-chair of bingo or gaming. Laurel is still looking for someone to fill the Foundation Chair, now that Jim Phillips moved.

4) Allan Burnside gave an update on the pistol raffle, more information to be made available next week. 

5) Laurel Rematore gave an update on the budget.

6) A motion was made and passed to reflect that an annual donation of five hundred dollars will be donated to the Galloping Goose Historical Society. This year's budget will also reflect the change. It is also possible that a future raffle/fundraiser be designated for the aforementioned cause. 

7) Motion made and passed to accept the revised Donation Criteria Policy. Please contact Laurel if you wish to see the full policy. 

8) Tom Rice requested letters of support for a grant application through the U.S. Forest Service for a trail grant development application. Club fully supported Tom's request. 

9) Emma Youngquist made a presentation of her visit to Thailand. 

10) Meeting adjourned by Laurel Rematore.