Attending: Dan Jones, Melinda Green, Steve Maxwell, Dr. Burnside, Laurel Rematore, Mark Tucker, David Sanford, Charley Miller, Bob Miller, LouAnn Jacobson Ball, Mary Sparks, visitors: Ed Butler & John Webb

Question of the Day: How could we recruit new members?

Discussion at this extraordinary business meeting was:
- upcoming bike race needs
- slow drone ticket sales and FAA only banned commercial drone flights.  Recreational still legal SO FAR...
- John Webb - his club supports inner city school kids
- Ed Butler - his club in Phillipines would like a club to be a sister club to his club
- 3 bikes to be given away at the kids' bike safety and course
- another look @ the bike sponsor list
- proposed budget and reserve amount

- deficit budget and what to do about that.

Today is Rotarian Deanna Truelsen's birthday, so the club serenaded her with a beautiful rendition of "Happy Birthday." 


Respectfully submitted: Mary Sparks