Dolores Rotary

July 22, 2014

Members Present: Laurel Rematore, Ed Merritt, Sheryl Merritt, Rick Carpenter, Dan Jones, Dave Sanford, LouAnn Jacobson Ball,  Allan Burnside, Deanna Truelsen, Jim Phillips, Shawna Valdez; Guests Jim Reser, Bob Ball

Pledge:  Laurel Rematore

Prayer:  Rick Carpenter

Question of the day:  What is your favorite decade? 

Escalante Days updates

Drone raffle ticket sales:  continue to be slow.

Bike Rodeo:  the parking lot probably doesn’t need to be swept, but Tom Seymour has committed to cutting grass and weeds. 

T-shirt:  text and design reviewed with no changes. Laurel will proceed with order. Delivery is expected August 1.

Race flyer:  Laurel created a new flyer with more information and the flyer can be emailed if anyone wants copies to post.

Sponsors:  some sponsors haven’t paid and their checks need to be collected.

Insurance:  received from Rotary International for both the rodeo and race.

Volunteer assignments:  request for volunteers will be emailed this week with further discussion at the next meeting; need people for both commodities and bike race on Saturday.


The Pinon Project golf tournament fund raiser is August 16, 2014. A request for Dolores Rotary support was made and tabled for further discussion. Criteria for how to evaluate support requests need to be established.


Sheryl and Ed Merritt did a slide show and presentation on their Road Scholars trip to Peru (presentation on the Galapagos part of the trip coming soon).

Meeting adjourned by Laurel Rematore.