Members and guests present: From Telluride Linda Avery, Marilyn Branch, and Charlotte Kosher a visiting student from New Zealand, John Webb, Neal Stephens, Deanna Truelsen, Charley Miller, Ed Merritt Jr., Allan Burnside, Denis Boon, LouAnn Jacobson, Vic Vieira, Shawna Valdez, Chris Trusler, Steve Maxwell, Tom Seymour, Rocky Moss, Jim Phillips, Laurel Rematore, and Larry Archibeque.

Pledge: Laurel Rematore
Prayer: Larry Archibeque

1) Question of the day by Neal Stephens: Identify a scary moment or experience of which you are afraid of something in your life.

2) Marilyn Branch gave an update on youth exchange, currently twenty eight students have participated in the exchange, hopefully in the near future a student from our area may become an outgoing exchange student, Telluride hosted five students last year, most difficult part of the process is to find a host family, and outgoing students don't cost the club any money.

3) Allan Burnside gave an update on the Drone Raffle, which is going slow.

4) Escalante Bike Race and Next Commodities are scheduled for August 9, 2014.

5) A budget discussion was held in which; the budget for the upcoming year was approved.

6) Sheryl Merritt to make a presentation at the next meeting on travels to the Galapagos Islands and Peru.

7) Meeting adjourned by Charley Miller.